Dranjer Suitable with ASD Systems

J series and F series Dranjer products are suitable for use with typical residential Active Sub Slab Depressurization (ASD) installations.

The valve in these Dranjer products will not open until static pressure across the Dranjer exceeds 0.75 inches of water column (185 Pa).  Typically, ASD systems directly connected to sump pits or weeping tile systems operate below these pressures. 

If ASD system suction pressure in a sump pit or weeping tile system does exceed these levels, some air will flow through the Dranjer unit, from the protected space into the sump pit or weeping tile system and then to the ASD fan.  In these applications, it is recommended F series Dranjers. are used. They offer greater resistance to airflow. 

In most applications, air leakage through the Dranjer from the residence will have little or no impact on the effectiveness of the ASD system. 

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