"F" Series - resists sub slab ventilation


The “F-Series” Dranjer™ products are designed to be used in homes where sub-slab ventilation has been included as a radon mitigation technique.  These valves will not open at less than 1.25” of negative pressure yet allow for water flow.

F-R2 is a retrofit model designed for floor drains. 

  • A flexible rubber flange attaches to the hard plastic portion of the seal.  Hold the Dranjer under the existing strainer plate.  Push the strainer plate with the Dranjer back into the drain opening.  Friction among the sides of the strainer plate, the Dranjer, and the ring in the floor holds the Dranjer under the cover plate. Trim off the rubber that extends past the ring.  You have retrofitted the Dranjer in existing construction.
  • Fits drain pipes 2” or larger.

Download the FR2 Installation Instructions

F-S2 - sump model
F-N2 - new installation drain - small