"F" Series - resists sub slab ventilation


The “F-Series” Dranjer™ products are designed to be used in homes where sub-slab ventilation has been included as a radon mitigation technique.  These valves will not open at less than 1.25” of negative pressure yet allow for water flow.

F-S2 is a sump model designed to fit into your sump cover. 

  • The F-S2 allows water to flow across the basement floor into the sump but prevents soil gases from entering the home
  • Designed to attach to the bottom of a sump lid.  Cut a hole in the sump lid.  Attach to the bottom the lid with the nuts and bolts provided with the product and caulk.

Download the Installation Instructions

F-R2 - drain retrofit small
F-N2 - new installation drain - small