"J" Series - large drains


The J-S15 Sump Valve is designed to fit into and become part of your sump cover.
It is a one way valve that allows water to flow into the sump but prevents Radon Gas, soil gas, insects and odours from entering your living environment.

Installing the JS15 requires cutting a 2-inch hole in your sump cover. The JS15 sump valve then bolts to the underside of the sump cover using the alignment collar which protrudes around the top of the JS15.

The JS15 is suitable for use with typical residential Active Sub Slab Depressurization (ASD) installations.
The valve in the Dranjer will not open until static pressure at the Dranjer exceeds 0.75 inches of water column (185 Pa). Typically, ASD systems directly connected to sump pits or weeping tile systems operate below these pressures.
If the ASD system suction pressure in a sump pit or weeping tile system does exceed these levels, some air will flow from the protected space, through the Dranjer, to the sump pit or weeping tile system and then to the ASD fan.

In most applications this will not reduce the effectiveness of the ASD system.

J-N6 - retrofit and new installation drain
J-RH5 - round floor drains

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