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of all homes have harmful radon levels.
deaths annually in the United States.
cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.
of lung cancers are estimated to be from radon exposure.
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Where Does Radon Gas Come From?

Radon enters through floor drains

Radon gas, insects, sewer gas, and fumes can enter homes and businesses through floor drains or through a sump. Structures can be exposed to what others put in the sewer. Radon gas is a deadly carcinogen. Installing a Dranjer valve in the sump lid and the floor drain may be all that is required to reduce radon to safe levels.

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The Solution for Affordable Radon Reduction

Dranjer products let water flow into sumps and floor drains—but they seal out radon, insects, and odors coming from the sub-floor area. Dranjer products are passive, require limited maintenance, and last a lifetime.

Should you install a Dranjer before testing your home?

Yes! It is an inexpensive first step in reducing radon. It seals the single largest radon entry point. Test to determine if radon is now at an acceptable level with that one action; if after testing you find that radon mitigation step wasn’t enough, your Dranjer valve is still an important component of your radon mitigation solution.

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