The Problem

Radon gas, insects, sewer gas, and fumes can enter homes and businesses through floor drains or through a sump. Structures can be exposed to what others put in the sewer.

Radon gas is a deadly carcinogen.

Installing a Dranjer™ valve in the sump lid and the floor drain may be all that is required to reduce Radon to safe levels.

The Solution

Dranjer™ products let water flow into sumps and floor drains — but they seal out Radon, insects, and odors coming from the sub-floor area. Dranjer™ products are passive, require limited maintenance and last a lifetime.

Install before Testing - If you have decided to test for Radon, we suggest:

  • Install a Dranjer™ before testing. It is an inexpensive first step in combatting Radon. It seals the single largest Radon entry point
  • Test to determine if Radon is now at an acceptable level with that one action. 

If after testing you find that Radon levels are unacceptable your Dranjer™ valve is still an important component of your Radon mitigation solution.

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