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Dranjer FN2

Complete Floor Drain for New Construction

The F Series Dranjer products are designed to be used in homes where ASD has been, or may be, included as a radon mitigation technique. These valves will not open at less than 0.9” of negative pressure yet allow for water flow.

This valve ships with a housing that fits to standard 2” pipe and an anchor flange to set in poured concrete.

Fits Standard Pipe25.08
Exterior Dimension2.756.985
Below Grade Depth410.16
F series drainage diagram

How Your Dranjer F Series Works

F Series have a sealing ring that lifts when water enters the valve, allowing for the water to flow through the unit.

In a no flow environment, the sealing ring prevents radon gas from passing through or past the unit. This effectively reduces radon levels in the dwelling.

Dranjer products are engineered and laboratory and field tested. Dranjer products are DIY friendly. Dranjers are often installed association with an ASD system but may be the only action you need to reduce your radon levels.

Suitable with ASD Systems

F Series Dranjer products are suitable for use with typical residential Active Sub Slab Depressurization (ASD) installations.

The valve in these Dranjer products will not open until static pressure across the Dranjer exceeds 0.75 inches of water column (185 Pa). Typically, ASD systems directly connected to sump pits or weeping tile systems operate below these pressures.

If ASD system suction pressure in a sump pit or weeping tile system does exceed these levels, some air will flow through the Dranjer unit, from the protected space into the sump pit or weeping tile system, and then to the ASD fan. In these applications, it is recommended F Series Dranjers are used. They offer greater resistance to airflow.

In most applications, air leakage through the Dranjer from the residence will have little or no impact on the effectiveness of the ASD system.

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