How Dranjer Works

The Problem: Basement floor drains and sumps are an important part of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, insects, odors, mold spores, and radon gas can seep and crawl into your home through these areas. We all would rather live without insects and odors. Radon gas, however, causes lung cancer. Radon is recognized as the single most dangerous indoor air pollutant common in many homes.

The Solution: Dranjer products allow water to flow into your sump or floor drain, but they seal out radon gas. Dranjer products are engineered and laboratory and field tested.

Dranjer products are DIY friendly.

Dranjers are often installed in association with an ASD system but may be the only action you need to reduce your radon levels.

F Series

F Series have a sealing ring that lifts when water enters the valve, allowing for the water to flow through the unit.

In a no flow environment, the sealing ring prevents radon gas from passing through or past the unit. This effective reduces radon levels in the dwelling.

J Series drainage diagram

J Series

J Series have a ball valve that floats, allowing for high flows through the unit.

When the flow stops the valve closes and radon gas can no longer flow up through the floor drain or sump cover. This effectively reduces radon levels in the dwelling.

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