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Dranjer JR15

Large Drain Retrofit Valve

The Dranjer JR15 fits into existing floor drains that are between 6.25 and 11 inches in diameter. It is a one-way valve that allows water to flow into the drain but prevents radon gas, soil gas, insects, and odors from entering your living environment.

Install the Dranjer JR15 by removing the existing strainer plate. Hold the JR15 under the strainer plate by the flexible rubber flange. Place the strainer plate / JR15 combination back into the drain’s retaining ring. The JR15 is held in place by pinching the flexible flange between the strainer plate and the retaining ring.

Testing shows that often sealing the floor drain by itself reduces Radon levels to government standards. Install a Dranjer as your first step in reducing Radon. Then test. If you have to incur the additional expense of installing Active Subslab Depressurization, (ASD), the Dranjer will support that system. For smaller drains, the DR2 valve fits drains as small as 2 inches.

How Your Dranjer J Series Works

J Series have a ball valve that floats – allowing for high flows through the unit.

When the flow stops the valve closes and radon gas can no longer flow up through the floor drain or sump cover. Effectively reducing radon levels in the dwelling.

Dranjer products are engineered and laboratory and field tested. Dranjer products are DIY friendly. Dranjers are often installed association with an ASD system but may be the only action you need to reduce your radon levels.

Specifications Inches Centimeters
Below Grade Depth 5.125 13.0175
Exterior Dimension 6.2 15.75
Plate 3.75 9.525
O.D of Centering Ring 2 5.08
Flange Diameter 11 27.94
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