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  • Dranjer JN6 Floor Drain
  • Dranjer JN6
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Dranjer JN6 Floor Drain

J Series for Large Drains Retrofit and New Installations

The Dranjer JN6 is a complete floor drain designed to mitigate radon entry in new construction or to retrofit an existing large floor drain.

It fits over a catch basin that is 5” or larger. This valve ships with its retaining ring, which is designed to be set into poured concrete.

It can also be used to retrofit by replacing the existing retaining ring with the ring provided with the product.

Model JN6 Specs
Cover Plate Diameter5.914.99
Retaining Ring Diameter7.619.30
Below Grade Depth4.7512.065
Below Grade Width4.411.176
Spec Sheet
J Series drainage diagram

How Your Dranjer J Series Works

J Series have a ball valve that floats, allowing for high flows through the unit.

When the flow stops the valve closes and radon gas can no longer flow up through the floor drain or sump cover. Effectively reducing radon levels in the dwelling.

Dranjer products are engineered and laboratory and field tested. Dranjer products are DIY friendly. Dranjers are often installed association with an ASD system but may be the only action you need to reduce your radon levels.

The JS15 Drain Sump Valve is designed to fit into and become part of your sump cover.

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